Amazon Great Indian Shopping Festival 2016 Sale, Offers and 70% Discount

Amazon Great Indian Shopping Festival  OfferAmazon Great Indian Festival is the event being brought up by Amazon. For the second consecutive month Amazon has beaten its rival, Flipkart. Since, the final quarter being crucial for both vendors as well as e-Commerce giants, Amazon and Flipkart … [Read more...]

Flipkart New Big Billion Day 2016 Offer Upto 50% off on 2nd To 6th October

Flipkart Big Billion Day offers:Flipkart Big Billion Day 2016 is the magical event which brings up lot of offers. Big billion day is the only day, where the hits on Flipkart website and app will increase, prices of the products comes down, many products become out of stock before you check out, … [Read more...]

Microsoft New Nokia 216 and Nokia 216 Dual-Sim Review, Spaces News

Microsoft, the techno giant takes everyone to super excited state. Every Microsoft fan is eagerly waiting for surface phones to come into the market. But un-expectedly Microsoft unveiled a mobile which is a very basic one. It takes us to the days of old Nokia phone. But this time it is much more … [Read more...]

New Moto E3 Power Review, Spaces, News & Price: Flipkart

Whenever we want to purchase a smartphone, most of us (including you and me) will peep into the budget as well as reviews. This is what regularly happens when choosing a smartphone. Many mobile which come into the market might fall into the category tagged with price and only few of them are able to … [Read more...]

New Apple iOS 10 update features, release, News and Review

iOS 10:Apple, the conglomerate in producing iPhones, iPads, Apple watches and many more is the designer of this brand new iOS.What does a hardware device like iPhone/iPad actually need to sustain in market?A good looking external design Extra-Ordinary features like high quality … [Read more...]

5 amazing things to know about kindle ebook reader

Kindle Paperwhite:Do we have the habit of reading books? If yes, then continue further and concentrate. Kindle Paperwhite is the best kindle reader that can replace our entire library. Here are the best comments from TOI and DNA regarding Kindle paperwhite."... the best e-book reader you can buy … [Read more...]

Whatsapp for PC – MAC and Windows

Whatsapp:The official native PC app release from whatsapp is going viral. The best messenger being used by almost each and every smart phone user across the globe. They come up and grew large with a motto of not selling any advertisements unlike Yahoo! This application is launched on various … [Read more...]

How to make money from Amazon

Amazon(Money Bank):Yes! Amazon is a money bank from now. If you want some money for your daily needs, you can get it from amazon. There can be many questions going on in your mind.How amazon will give me money?Does it give me free money?What do I need to do to amazon?How am I eligible for … [Read more...]