How to manage hard disk partitions with out using any software

Hard drive partition :       Hard drive partition is the basic thing to perform when ever we purchase a laptop or PC with pre-installed OS. It generally contains only one partition. in most of the case it will be Local Disk(C:) . Let us follow some simple steps to manage the given hard drive partition. Read : How to change MAC address of a PC (MAC … [Read more...]

How to make cortana use google chrome as default search provider

Cortana - No more Bing Results Cortana-your truely personal assistant. If you want to use your personal assistant effectively, this article is for you. If you are well accustomed to google search engine and you do not want to see bing results when you use cortana, this simple trick is for you. Try to take advantage of this. In general most of the people in … [Read more...]

5 must-know google chrome tips and tricks

Google Chrome : Google chrome is the most widely used browser. It is so much popular because of its interface, extensions and some other cool features. Most of all it is Google's product. Here are some of the tips and tricks which makes your life easier while using Google Chrome. More Bookmarks in Less space: If you are good at surfing and you have habit of … [Read more...]

All Tech Mashup !!

AllTechMashup Welcome to AllTechMashup. It is the newly emerged blog where you can find lot of technology related stuff. Thanks for choosing AllTechMashup (ATM) website for your needs. You are at right place, let us see how much  you can grab!! This blog provides stuff regarding latest technology updates. Your hunger and thirst for knowledge is pampered … [Read more...]

Latest Update after Bluestacks 2: Salient Features

Bluestacks Update: It is a free Windows App which let you run Android on PC at free of cost. After reaching more than 109 million users, it launced its new update called Bluestacks 2. It is launched few days ago. The first Bluestacks update is released on December 11th. If you have already installed it before December 11th (I did it on 10 days ago), even though … [Read more...]

MAC Spoofing : How to change MAC address of a PC

MAC Address: MAC address is the 12 digit address which is given to Network Adapter. It is treated as unique identifier of a PC. But here is one way to change MAC address of Ethernet in a PC. First of all you need to know the MAC address of Ethernet you want to change (For example: You want to mimic the MAC address of your friend’s PC). You can know this in two … [Read more...]

How to speedup bluestacks and increase bluestacks performance

Bluestacks... This is the name when you hear first when you want the best android emulator. But these are the phrases, you will also hear from amateur users. “It always struck on my PC-Do not install it on your PC” “My system got struck because of it-Do not install it” These words you generally hear because your friends do not know how to speed up … [Read more...]

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