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5 amazing things to know about kindle ebook reader

kindle paperwhite best kindle reader

Kindle Paperwhite: Do we have the habit of reading books? If yes, then continue further and concentrate. Kindle Paperwhite is the best kindle reader that can replace our entire library. Here are the best comments from TOI and DNA regarding Kindle paperwhite. “… the best e-book reader you can buy – TOI(Times Of India) “… lighter than most paperbacks, that ...

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Whatsapp for PC – MAC and Windows

Whatsapp: The official native PC app release from whatsapp is going viral. The best messenger being used by almost each and every smart phone user across the globe. They come up and grew large with a motto of not selling any advertisements unlike Yahoo! This application is launched on various mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry. It has ...

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How to make money from Amazon

all tech mashup

Amazon(Money Bank): Yes! Amazon is a money bank from now. If you want some money for your daily needs, you can get it from amazon. There can be many questions going on in your mind. How amazon will give me money? Does it give me free money? What do I need to do to amazon? How am I eligible for ...

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Lenovo Zuk Z1 – iPhone with dual sim

lenovo zuk z1

Lenovo Zuk Z1: Lenovo in collaboration with Zuk launching the brand new Lenovo Zuk Z1 phone. The comment on watching the reviews iPhone with dual sim feature There are some many reasons for comments like this. It has attracted lot of customers with this amazing tag line Make it yours and do what you want with it Lets go ahead and look ...

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Cisco WebEx player – Online meeting App

Cisco WebEx player is the leading online meeting tool which is being used by almost all the top companies related to various sectors. This application works like a charm across all devices and various platforms. It provides high security to the data transferred between the users. For the second year in a row, it has been labeled as master in ...

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Who viewed my facebook recently

who viewed my facebook

Facebook: Facebook visitors are those who visit your visit your facebook page. Unlike linkedin, facebook do not provide such a feature to know who has visited your profile. This is against the ethics of facebook and it do not want their users  get annoyed by creating an other icon called “know your visitors“. Since linkedin is entirely professional network, there ...

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