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Microsoft Connected Vehicle Cloud Platform Features

In the evolution of automobile industry, four major modern forces have come into action





Manufacturing a connected car is a complicated and challenging task as it demands high end assets.

This is a challenge to the software development of the vehicle and integration of complex cloud technology that is needed to produce gen-next driving innovations.

Renault-Nissan Alliance and Microsoft partnership

Microsoft Connected Vehicle Announcement:

The Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on the 5 Jan 2017. It is a set of services built on the Microsoft Azure cloud that is designed to enable automobile manufacturers to develop connected driving innovations.

However, it is not the end result but a living agile platform which starts with cloud as the foundation and further aims to address five core scenarios:

Low maintenance

High efficiency

Advanced navigation

Customer reviews

Help deliver autonomous driving experience.

Huge volumes of sensors and usage data from connected vehicles will be ingested by Microsoft’s cloud. Manufacturers will be able to apply this data in various prevailing techniques.

More than just travelling:

Microsoft’s intelligent services and productivity tools like Cortana, Dynamics, Office 365, Power BI, business applications, virtual assistants and Skype for Business will be integrated into a car. The car will be more than just a travelling vehicle but a hub of daily life activities involving latest technology and tools.

People seek more advanced features in their cars so that they can make the most out of their time when stuck in traffic jams, while travelling to long distances and so on. This will save time and give users a connected driving experience.

Microsoft Connected Vehicle Features:

Security and safety will always remain the basic requirement in a vehicle while people look for more improved infrastructure and devices in their cars.

Cortana will keep you connected. It can be at work or at home or in your car itself. For instance, Cortana can help you out with everyday tasks like arranging a meeting. It will also remind you, the meeting when you step into your car.

The navigation feature will let you find the place where the meeting has been kept.

Microsoft Partners in Connected Vehicle Manufacturing:

Auto manufacturers are praising Microsoft’s technology in unison. The Renault-Nissan became the first auto manufacturer to partner with Microsoft and commit to the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform.

This alliance will enforce the company to power gen-next vehicles with

Advanced navigation

Low maintenance

Remote monitoring and many other features.

The enhancement of the driving experience with Cortana, was also demonstrated by Nissan. Moreover, Azure offers flexibility to build a common platform for Renault-Nissan to deploy services to both the brands. It will enable vehicles that run on multiple operating systems, programming languages, etc.

Microsoft – Colloboration:

The collaboration between Microsoft and various other automobile companies such as

Volvo (for its Volvo 90 Series cars)

BMW and others will result into enhanced productivity services through intelligent personal assistance for drivers and Office 365.

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