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Cisco WebEx player – Online meeting App


Cisco WebEx player is the leading online meeting tool which is being used by almost all the top companies related to various sectors. This application works like a charm across all devices and various platforms. It provides high security to the data transferred between the users. For the second year in a row, it has been labeled as master in video conferencing. It has been top among 22 web and video conference vendors.

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Why do you need this?

  • Short video conferences – H.264 video quality
  • Multiple screen sharing
  • Personal meetings
  • High Security and reliability
  • More privacy
  • View and edit documents while talking with the team in HD video – Your team will make better decisions

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  • WebEx Meeting Center :
    • Your are provided with a unique address(link), so that you need not to share that link every time with your team. Once the link is book marked, you need to send only the schedule and agenda of the meeting. So you team know where to meet you. This amazing feature makes you work simple rather than sharing a link for every meeting, which kills away time.
    • Call me and good bye features work like reminders. When you are on a work and you forgot about your meeting, this feature will save your life.
    • You can hire a WebEx expert and learn the best practices from him to avoid problems in between.



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  • Collaboration Meeting Rooms:
    • You ┬ácan meet either one person or hundreds of people, the meeting room will adjust dynamically. There are various plans available based on the capacity you required.
    • The meeting experience is same on any device. It can be a projector or laptop or tablet or smart phone. Just use the unique video ID on your device.



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  • WebEx Event Center:
    • The event group may range from 100 – 3000 people.
    • There can be multiple presenters and the audio channels can be controlled by hiring an WebEx expert.
    • You are not restricted to slide shows, you can do better presentations with video, screen sharing, Question and Answer sessions, Audience polls and even chat windows.
    • Customize the registration site and keep track of the audience.
    • Record everything and hence nobody misses out



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  • WebEx Training Center:
    • Provides high quality training by experts on demand.
    • Learners can interact through various ways like chat,Q&A session, Audience polls.
    • Since private tutors charge a bit high for tutoring, get expert trainers in package from WebEx.



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  • WebEx Support Center:
    • Instant support and remote desktop control helps to solve any issue within no time.
    • A powerful tool box which makes you jump fire walls or work on different platforms in a single click.

For experiencing the most trusted web and video conferencing software with phenomenal features, Sign Up now.

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