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Who viewed my facebook recently

who viewed my facebook


Facebook visitors are those who visit your visit your facebook page. Unlike linkedin, facebook do not provide such a feature to know who has visited your profile. This is against the ethics of facebook and it do not want their users  get annoyed by creating an other icon called “know your visitors“. Since linkedin is entirely professional network, there the people need to know which corporate manager has visited their profile and even which friend want to recommend them for a new job in the market. Keeping that comparison apart and lets get into the topic.

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I bet most of you who are reading this article have at least one facebook account.

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If you fall under category 1(No facebook account) : click here and  register.

If you fall under category 2(At least 1 facebook account) : click here to continue with the process.

Step 1  :

If you are a Computer Science graduate or an IT expert, you have already known half of it. If you are not one among these two, you need to know about this word – “View Page Source“. Nothing to be scared, it just displays the building blocks of the webpage you are viewing. Right Click on empty area of webpage and click on “view page source”.

If you want to do things without much effort, get this :Shortcut

Yes, what you have heard is true. You have a shortcut for viewing page source. Here it is “Ctrl+U“. Just to your facebook profile and press “Ctrl+U”. It will take you to the source code window.

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Step 2 :

You are half way through. Now what you have to do is search for this

keyword = ” InitialChatFriendsList

I hope that you know how to find the keywords in a given document or webpage etc. If you do not know, there is nothing wrong in learning things. Just press “Ctrl+F” on the page you will get a pop up window. Type in or copy and paste the above keyword without quotes.

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Step 3 :

What are looking for? Hit enter and it will take you to the list of numbers. Don’t be scared. I will tell you what to pick up from that stuff.

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Step 4 :

The “InitialChatFriendsList” is a list having the ID of your friends who have recently gone through your profile. The ID’s have unique format like this


Example: “1234567891011-2”

Just copy the numbers left to hyphen excluding quotes.

Hold the horses, you are almost there!

Step 5 :

There is no twist in this tale, so just relax and add the ID after clicking on this link and hit “Enter”.

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You got it and sure a lot of you will be surprised when you see that ID belongs to your crush and that feeling is amazing. You may not know it, until you experience it. Try this and share this with your friends. Let them have a surprise. Awaiting comments and feedback.

Take a second and share, things that are worth must be shared.

That’s all folks. Feel free to post your queries and Stay Tuned…

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