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5 amazing things to know about kindle ebook reader

Kindle Paperwhite:

Do we have the habit of reading books? If yes, then continue further and concentrate. Kindle Paperwhite is the best kindle reader that can replace our entire library. Here are the best comments from TOI and DNA regarding Kindle paperwhite.

“… the best e-book reader you can buy – TOI(Times Of India)

“… lighter than most paperbacks, that may be on your current wish list – DNA

Watching the above two statements, we may be very much excited about kindle paperwhite like every other person in the world. But think about it once. Is it really worth purchasing?

Let’s dive into it and see what made them feel so excited about kindle paperwhite and also see its unique features.

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kindle paperwhite best ebook reader

High Resolution:

Its HD screen quality with resolution of 300 ppi makes the screen look awesome for print-quality text.

Reading Experience:

Paperwhite’s default font Bookerly, makes it look close to traditional display rather than computer display. This gives scope for enhanced readability. The extended features like character spacing, addition of hyphenation, justification, kerning, ligatures, kindle‘s best in class typography and drop-cap support gives us an opportunity to read quickly and easily.

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No Glare Effect:

Unlike today’s smartphones and tablets, kindle paperwhite has no glaring effect and it helps us read even in bright sun light. With it’s inbuilt font light, we can read at night-time without straining our eyes. All we need to do in both cases is to adjust the brightness of the screen.

anti glare kindle all tech mashup

A charge a month:

Kindle paperwhite won’t let us down. We need not to stick to socket for long time like our smart phone. One single charge lasts for a month, provided we use it half an hour per day with brightness at 10 points and wireless off. It is not practically possible. Hence one charge will last for 1 week under decent usage.

Read Comfortably:

Paperwhite is of very less weight compared to others of its kind. So it comes with this tag

Thinner than a pencil, and lighter than a paperback

Yes, we can hold this comfortably in one hand. Since it is a dedicated E-Reader, it is free from distractions like email notifications or push notifications. We can read anything with great comfort.

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These are the updated features from previous kindle edition. Let us go further deep into it and explore how amazing it will be.

Read like a book:

  • All the available fonts are hard-tuned at pixel level. Hence it gives good reading experience.
  • We can skim through whole pages without losing our place. We can skim page by page, scan by chapter and even jump to end for sneak peek. All of these can be done without losing our place.
  • We can edit, delete or even export our notes from kindle paperwhite to computer.
  • We can share highlights and quotes on Twitter and Facebook, we can even see what passages other readers are highlighting frequently.
  • Since paperwhite is lighter than paperback, we can read for long sessions without straining much.
  • Its smart look up feature helps us to reach the definition of a word, Wikipedia search and X-Ray feature without losing our place.
  • Kindle’s X-Ray feature is amazing. It makes us go deeper into the book. We can see all the passages mentioned in the book that are relevant to our topic of interest. The topic can be a place, fictional character, historical figure. All this stuff can be done with just a simple press and hold.
  • Our eyes are protected by kindle paperwhite on every day and night while reading it. We can read it for long sessions without straining our eyes at any point of time in a day.

kindle all tech mashup

  • A total of 8 different text sizes are provided in this version in order to provide flexibility for us while reading.
  • Kindle paperwhite can hold up to 1100 books, so we will never have to leave the home without leaving our favorite book behind.
  • In this latest version, we can connect to world’s largest community of readers. It is none other than Goodreads. Join over 2o million readers and can see what our friends are reading, sharing and highlighting. But it is available only when paperwhite is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • We can organize our Kindle library as simple as our physical library. As the collection grows, we can use customized titles to categories.
  • Time to read is another excellent feature. It gets updated depending on our reading ability and completion of each chapter. It will help us whether to start a new chapter or not in a stipulated time.
  • We can pick up, where we left off. When ever we want a book, purchase it on amazon store and we can see that book with in minutes in our kindle paperwhite.
  • Bing translator has made our life simple. If we want any translation, just highlight the word and we can see the translation in available languages like Spanish, Japanese and many more. All these translations on kindle paperwhite are done by using Bing.

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Low Pricing:

  • Amazon provides the e-books at least price than any other store. Over 500,000 books are available at price less than Rs.99(INR) and over 1.5 million books are available at price less than Rs.299(INR). Amazon saves our money with its least pricing.
  • Over 800,000 books are exclusive amazon products. We can not find them on any other e-book store including many of the best-selling authors.
  • Over 30,000 books are available at absolute zero price tag. These books are most wanted books by public.
  • Kindle Unlimited is the new service that allows you to read over 1 million books. We can save a lot by subscribing to this feature. Subscriptions are available starting from 6 months to 12 months. Subscribe to this and save huge amount. We have access to all those 1 million books as long as we are subscribed.

Never be without a book:

  • We can get a book without waiting for a moment. Just choose a book on kindle paperwhite and start reading within seconds.
  • Free 3G wireless, lets you shop and download any book instantly. No need to hunt for a Wi-Fi hotspots. 3G is ready to go on amazon kindle paperwhite, the moment we take it out of the box. No setup required. Browse Network Coverage

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Book Time:

  • Amazon Kindle paperwhite is designed for good reading experience. With paperwhite, children can look up definitions and increase their vocabulary. They can read with zero distractions. Since they can not handle loads of books, kindle paperwhite will serve the purpose.
  • Words looked up on kindle paperwhite are automatically added to Vocabulary Builder, where children can quiz themselves and test their word retention ability.
  • Kindle paperwhite supports children’s books like comics and kindle panel view will allow them to read comic book panel wise.

Personalize Kindle:

  • Amazon kindle paperwhite’s beautiful design, perfect fit and stiffly protected nature makes it awesome. The integrated magnetic clasp will make sure that the paperwhite is locked. This paperwhite makes you feel like a book while closing and opening.

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Time to choose:(Kindle Paperwhite vs Kindle Paperwhite 3G)

  • If you have Wi-Fi set up at your home and office, then go for Kindle Paperwhite
  • If you do not have Wi-Fi set up at your home, then its better to go for Kindle Paperwhite 3G to have unlimited access to e-books.

Here is the comparison chart between the various models of amazon kindle.

amazon kindle all tech mashup

Thank you for taking time and going through the entire post. Now thank yourself, for getting into such a position where you choose which kindle best suits you. Hope you come out of confusion and choose Kindle Paperwhite. Share this article to help others.

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Let your friends ans acquaintances know which kindle to choose and stay tuned for further updates..

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