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How to make money from Amazon

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Amazon(Money Bank):

Yes! Amazon is a money bank from now. If you want some money for your daily needs, you can get it from amazon. There can be many questions going on in your mind.

How amazon will give me money?

Does it give me free money?

What do I need to do to amazon?

How am I eligible for getting paid by amazon?

Stop thinking about all these questions and just relax. I will tell you an easy way to get money from amazon. I won’t tell you to start blogging and then sign up as amazon associate. (Associates are those who sell the products and get commission, in general termed as affiliate marketers ). You do not need to do this stuff, even do not need to know to earn money online.

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Let us jump into the steps required to earn passive income.

  • If you do not have an account with amazon.in click here  and sign up else click here
  • After successful sign up, dashboard will be created with your name. If your name is XYZ, then dashboard is like XYZ’s Amazon.in. If you see this you have done 50% of the job.

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  • Now you got a tool with which you can earn your pocket-money. I won’t say that you can become a million dollar baby but you can at least stop asking your parents for extra pocket-money. I have a shortcut below. If you do not want shortcut continue reading. Scroll down your amazon home page and you see “Refer & Earn Rs.200” under “Make Money with Us” tab.

    Shortcut – click here

    If you reached the above page you have finished almost 90% of the job.

  • When you are on refer and earn page, you can see how you will earn money from amazon. For every friend you refer, on their purchase of above Rs.300 or more you will get Rs.200 and your friend will also get Rs.100 as bonus from amazon.

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  •  You can refer using four direct ways
    1. Refer via email : You can enter your friends email address and invite them.
    2. Share on Facebook : This will reach to most of the people
    3. Share on twitter : If you have huge following on twitter, just tweet and earn.
    4. Share your link : By clicking on copy to clipboard button you can copy your referral link. Share it with as many as you can and earn more and more.

Don’t say that I have done everything and still I am unable to make money out of it and no body is signing up and purchasing. The next few words are for you buddy.

How to promote?

There can be various ways to promote but effective promotion is must and should. There is a slight margin between both of them. You can’t just say, I have shared this link on my Facebook wall or twitter or any other social media network and is it not promotion? The answer is absolute “NO“.

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The reason because, most of the people think like what is use of signing up for amazon now, even though they do a lot of purchase from flipkart or some other sites. I don’t mean that, say them the entire story and then get them sign up. If you go on writing the entire procedure on your Facebook wall, nobody feel good to write the entire stuff.

Make them realize what they get when they sign up. Just hide the stuff what you make out of it and let them know that they get Rs.100 when they sign up and purchase anything above Rs.300. Make your status short and sweet while sharing on Facebook wall. It can be like this

Sign up now and earn Rs.100 from Amazon

Most of the people will sign up even if they have amazon account earlier for this Rs.100. Because no one wants to lose this free money. Spread this like an offer and give them referral link.

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If you want few more money continue reading..

How to multiply your income with out promoting?

This is the added advantage for people who always purchase things online. Now-a-days, you can not find people with one email id. Start using your bunch of email id’s now. Sign up here for the first time with your most used email id and generate your referral link. When you want to purchase something, use this link to sign up and purchase (make sure that your purchase value is > Rs.300).

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Here is the magic. Let us see how to purchase a product with just Rs.1. For suppose you purchased an item from your new account with value more than Rs.300, let us say the value is Rs.301. Few days after shipment, you receive Rs.200 into your major account and Rs.100 into your new account. So finally the calculation turns into


So finally you got a product for Rs.1 and with your referral income you can purchase what ever you want but patience is required.

Patience is the hardest thing to have, if you develop it you can achieve almost everything

Final words: Do not forget to sign up even though you have an amazon account. Lets make amazon more popular and get ourselves some bucks. Grow this network large and earn huge.

Take a second and share, things that are worth must be shared.

That’s all folks. Feel free to post your queries and Stay Tuned…

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