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Summer Checklist : 7 saviours for you

hot summer needs

Summer Needs:

Hey folks, summer is on its way. Are you prepared well to sustain this summer season?

Well, you need few things to beat this summer heat. Let’s see what you need this summer and why?

The first thing you need is a good quality Air Conditioner, which keeps you cool this summer.

offers on air conditioners

If you have a well performing Air Conditioner at home, then you are awesome. You can beat the heat!!

Those who do not have AC at home, they might want to buy one this summer. So what are you waiting for?

Let’s peep into the offers posted by e-commerce giants

Top AC Offers:

  • Minimum 30% off on Voltas Air Conditioners – Visit Here [Exchange offer and No Cost EMI offer available]
  • Kenstar ACs starting from Rs.21,490Visit Here
  • Just Launched – Samsung Air Conditioners : Visit Here
  • LG Power Saving Inverter ACsVisit Here
  • Upto 12,000/- off + Exchange OfferVisit Here


The best budget friendly Air Conditioners for this summer are

  1. Carrier Esko 12k Split AC [1 Ton, 5 Star Rating, White, Copper]Check Here
  2. Voltas 125 LYD Split AC [1 Ton, 5 Start Rating, White, Copper]Check Here
  3. Hitachi NEO 3200F RAU312HWDD Split AC [1 Ton, 3 Star Rating, White, Copper]Check Here
  4. Onida S183TRD Split AC [1 Ton, 3 Star Rating, White, Copper]Check Here
  5. Samsung AR18MC3ULGM Split AC [1 Ton, 3 Star Rating, White, Aluminium]Check Here


The second thing you need in this summer is Air Coolers.

offers on coolers

If you can not afford the Air conditioner, then you must go for an alternative. The second best option to lessen the effect of Sun is cooler.

Coolers will definitely do not compete with ACs. Hence do not expect much cooling from them. But they are worth the price which you pay for them.


Top Cooler Offers:


The best budget coolers for this summer are

  1. Symphony Ice Cube 6.5/8.5 kg room cooler [105 watts]Check Here
  2. Bajaj Torque PX97 room cooler [36 litre]Check Here
  3. Symphony Diet 22i air cooler [22 litre] – Check Here
  4. Kenstar Double Cool Dx Air cooler [50 litre]Check Here


The third one you need is Water [Refrigerator]

offers on refrigerator

Everyone including you and me, need cool water to quench our summer thirst.

This became the basic home need. I hope most of you own this. If you still do not have one, grab one this summer at greater discounts.


Top Refrigerator offers:

  • Whirlpool frost free refrigerators – Lightning deals available [Visit Here]
  • Kenstar Refrigerators starting from Rs.5,990Visit Here
  • Upto 9,000/- off + Exchange Offers + EMI OffersVisit Here


The best budget refrigerators for this summers are

  1. Godrej RD EDGE [221 Ltrs, 5 Star Rating, BerryBloom, Single Door]Check Here
  2. Samsung RR19K282ZBZ [192 Ltrs, 5 Star Rating, Tender Lilly Black, Single Door]Check Here
  3. Whirlpool 205 IM PWCOL [190 Ltrs, 5 Star Rating, Grey Titanium, Single Door]Check Here
  4. LG B201ASAN [190 Ltrs, 5 Star Rating, Scarlet Aster, Single Door] Check Here


The fourth one in summer needs list is FAN

offers on fan

Though you have a good quality Air Conditioner, you may need fan at some point for swift cooling of your castle.

Ceiling fans serves good for this purpose. Never under estimate table fans, they are also capable of doing the same.

Top offers on Fan:


The best budget fans you may like are

  1. Havells Pacer 1200 mm ceiling fan – Check Here
  2. Usha new Trump 1200 mm ceiling fan – Check Here
  3. Crompton HS Plus 48 inch ceiling fan – Check Here
  4. Bajaj new 1200 mm ceiling fan – Check Here


The fifth one that climbs this list is Juicer

offers on juicer

After a sweaty summer day, you might run out of water content.

At this point, no cooling water will help you, until and unless its a juice [ice cubes stuffed]

Some time even hand blenders can do the job.

There are many vegetables which can taste better than fruits [when prepared a juice properly]


Top offers on juicers:


The best budget juicers available are

  1. Philips HR2775 [1 Litre, 25 Watts, Juicer]Visit Here
  2. Prestige PCJ 5.0 [300 Watts, Juicer]Visit Here
  3. Orpat HHB – 157 E [250 Watts, Hand Blender]Visit Here
  4. Maggi Rio all in one food processorVisit Here


The sixth one, that makes space here is Purifier

offers on air purifier

As expected, this summer will be more suffocating.

You may need a fresh air to breath in. It would be a difficult situation, if the air purifiers are not invented. But thanks to the people who invented them.

It is equally important to stay safe while driving. Decent car air purifiers are also available.

This will surely save us this summer.


Top Offers on Purifiers:


The best budget air purifiers listed here:

  1. Kent ozone room air purifierCheck Here
  2. Gliese Elegant car air purifierCheck Here


The last but not the least one, that hits this list was INVERTER

offers on inverter

This is a desperate need.

You can live without food for 3 weeks

You can live without water for 3 days

You can live without air for 30 seconds [Warning: Don’t try this]

But in this present world, you can not live without electricity for even 10 sec on a hot sunny [summer] day. The power cuts will grow soon. Hence this will be a must own for this summer to fuel all the above devices.


Top offers on Inverters: Check Here

The best budget inverters, you can bring home for this summer are listed here:

  1. Luminous Zelio [1700 VA, Sine Wave, Metallic Black]Visit Here
  2. Luminous Rapid Charge [1650 VA, White]Visit Here
  3. Luminous Zelio [1100 VA, Sine Wave, Metallic Black]Visit Here
  4. Luminous [1050 VA]Visit Here

Hope you got what you must not miss this summer. Beat the heat and stay cool!!

Shop only when offers are available – Happy Shopping!!

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