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PaperOak – News and Headlines at your finger tips [Android App and Website]


paperoak logoPaper Oak is an excellent platform to read various genres of news. The genres on PaperOak include news related to Business, Entertainment, Gaming, General, Science, Sports, and Technology. So you ultimately need one single app for news. It is none other than Paper Oak.

Paperoak is available in Android Play store. The official website is available on the internet for desktop and iOS users.

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PaperOak is a thought emerged from some serious brainstorming. Thoughts of young Entrepreneurs are carved into actions. The ultimate result of it is Paper Oak which is available in Android PlayStore.paperoak news app

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There is no dedicated team setup for this. Out of routine job what they are doing in Crocodile Labs, they want to do something different. This time it is not for a client who pays but for the client who can use it for free. Yes. the free time of a bunch of enthusiastic people paved way for PaperOak.

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Paper Oak – Categories:

Currently Paper Oak is fetching news for only limited categories. But it covers more categories in future based on users feedback. The categories of PaperOak includes

  • Business
  • Entertainment
  • Gaming
  • General
  • Science and Nature
  • Sports
  • Technology

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PaperOak – Sources:

Paper Oak brings news from top news sources. As mentioned, no need to install 10 different news apps. Just install PaperOak and read what’s happening across the globe. The source of Paper Oak includes

  • Reuters
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The Times of India
  • The Telegraph
  • The Hindu
  • The Next Web
  • TechRadar
  • TechCrunch
  • TalkSport
  • New Scientist
  • New York Magazine
  • Polygon
  • National Geographic
  • NFL News
  • Independent
  • IGN
  • Google News
  • Fox Sports
  • Football Italia
  • Financial Times
  • Entertainment Weekly
  • ESPN Cricinfo
  • ESPN
  • Daily Mail
  • CNN
  • Bloomberg
  • Associated Press

Note: If you own a news agency and want to submit your API to PaperOak, get in touch with them through contact us section.

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Contact Us:

PaperOak didn’t provide any separate page like traditional blogs on their website. Navigate to footer section. You will find Contact us. Click here, you will get a popup. Fill the info and submit. They will get back to you in no time.

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Paper Oak – Pros:

  1. Android App: Since Android is the Google owned and most loved platform for smartphones, they started with it.
  2. Less memory: 20 different news apps will certainly consume more memory. Similar to a torrent downloader, Paer Oak works like a gem. One app – multiple downloads, replaced by one app – multiple news sources.
  3. Bookmark: If you find an article exciting and you don’t have time to read it completely. What we generally do? If it is a website, we bookmark the link.¬†Whenever we find the time, we will read it. Similar concept here. Just signup and stay logged in. You can bookmark the articles you feel interested. You can read it at a later point of time without any browser bookmarks.
  4. Search: Just head to top right corner and put the search phrase about what you want to read. PaperOak will fetch all the relevant articles from popular sources.
  5. Responsive Design: Paper Oak website is of responsive design. If you can’t afford to download the app (free of cost), then head to the browser and use their official site. With responsive design, it is easy to use.
  6. Sources: Yeah, multiple sources is certainly an add-on for PaperOak. Sources will be listed below.

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PaperOak – Cons:

  1. For the first time users, the site loads a bit slow. From the next time, it loads at a decent pace.
  2. iOS app is not available for iPhone/iPad users. For that matter, using Paper Oak on Safari doesn’t look bad.

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Final Verdict:

On a whole, PaperOak looks like a time and memory saver. Apart from that, the special conditions like bookmarking, signup makes it extremely user-friendly. Unavailability of iOS app for Paper Oak seems a bit disappointing. Rumors revealed that it will be available very soon, but not sure about the exact date. Download PaperOak – Stay in touch with news at a fingertip.

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