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Apple iPhone 7 Price in India just Rs 19,990 with Airtel offers

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus released in India on October 7, 2016. Bharti Airtel, one of the leading network service provider in competition with Reliance Jio Offers has made a spectacular statement

Grab Apple iPhone 7 for just Rs.19,990 at nearest Airtel Store

Yes, Airtel is offering Apple iPhone 7 for a minimal cost of Rs.19,990 on contract basis.

Contract Details:

Period 12 months
Payment Depends on iPhone (Minimum of Rs.19990)
Free-Upgrade Available
Fore-Close Possible

The Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus contract with Airtel lasts for 12 months in association with Bajaj Finance Limited (BFL). You need to pay Rs.19,990 as down payment and can take iPhone 7, 32GB. This offer is currently available in Noida and Karnataka. In near future, it will spread across length and breadth of the country.

iPhone 7 Airtel Offers:

For this one year, you must continue with one of these post-paid plans and you cannot port to any other service provider or transfer ownership to any other user. Let us look into the post-paid plans

Plan Data Voice Calling
Rs.1999 5 GB Unlimited
Rs.2499 10 GB Unlimited
Rs.2999 15 GB Unlimited

With all the above post-paid plans, it is clearly mentioned that you will get unlimited voice calling. Unlike call drops in Reliance Jio, it won’t be happening with Airtel Unlimited voice calling and more over this unlimited voice calling is non-VoLTE and can happen on any available bands (2G/3G/4G).

Since iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus are released in 3 memory variants (32 GB,128 GB and 256 GB) and 5 color variants (Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Black, Jet Black), the price of the contract varies. Unlike every time, Apple is giving away all color variants of particular model at same price. The jet black variants will be available in only two memory sizes (128 GB and 256 GB).

The price of the contract for various iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus models is listed below:

Model Actual Price (INR) Down Payment (INR) Balloon Payment (INR)
iPhone 7 (32 GB) 59998 19990 24000
iPhone 7 (128 GB) 69998 29490 24500
iPhone 7 (256 GB) 79998 35990 28000
iPhone 7  Plus (32 GB) 72000 30792 25200
iPhone 7 Plus (128 GB) 82000 37292 28700
iPhone 7 Plus (256 GB) 92000 43792 32200

What is Balloon Payment?

Balloon Payment is amount to be paid at the end of the contract to completely own your iPhone, it is the amount that Bajaj Finance Limited agreement debit from our account if we want to retain this iPhone after 12 months.

Various Dimensions of the Airtel iPhone Offer:

  • Before contract period: If you want to terminate your contract within 12 months, then you need to foreclose the Bajaj Finance Limited loan and then get a NOC from them. Submit that NOC in the nearest Airtel Store and get out of the contract.
  • After contract period:
    • If you want to continue with the existing iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus, just terminate the contract by paying Balloon Payment and become the owner of your iPhone.
    • If you want to upgrade to the latest iPhone after 1 year, you can upgrade it by returning the currently using iPhone in Airtel Store. The balloon payment may increase a bit at the time of upgrade, but the upgrade will be completely free.

Plan Changes:

After 12 months, you can either change to new post-paid plans or else you can get the above mentioned post-paid plans at discounted price. Let us see how the current plans will change by then.

Plan Data Voice Calling Price after 1 year
Rs.1999 5 GB Unlimited Rs.1199
Rs.2499 10 GB Unlimited Rs.1599
Rs.2999 15 GB Unlimited Rs.1999

Hope you like this Airtel Offers keeping a side the bitter portion of the contract agreements. Let us talk a bit about savings on this offer.

How much you save on this Airtel iPhone Offer?

Let us do a simple math for iPhone 7, 32 GB.

Actual Price: 59998 (INR)

Offer Price:

Down payment = 19990 (INR)

Post-Paid Plan = 1999 X 12 = 23998 (INR) + 3599 INR (15% service charge on post-paid bills)

Balloon Payment = 24000 (INR)

Total = 71577 (INR)

Net Price= Actual Price – Offer Price = 59998 – 71577 = -11579 (INR)

Reasons to choose this Airtel offer:

  1. If you are the person who spend anything above 11579 INR per year (965 INR per month) on recharging your mobile, then you must go for this Airtel Offer.
  2. If you want to have free upgrade of iPhone 7 after a year, without bothering much about expected Balloon Payment increase, then you must grab it now.
  3. If you want to have an iPhone with minimal initial payment, then you must not miss it.

For the people, who do not fall in any of these categories, you can see various buying options online, if you do not want yourself to get included in the hectic contracts.

iPhone 7 and iPhone + Prices in India on Flipkart and Amazon

iPhone Memory Color Variant Price (INR) Buy Now
iPhone 7 32 GB Silver 60000  flipkart-f-logoamazon-logo-icon
Gold 60000  flipkart-f-logoamazon-logo-icon
Rose Gold 60000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo
Black 60000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo
iPhone 7 128 GB Silver 70000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo
Gold 70000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo
Rose Gold 70000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo
Black 70000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo
Jet Black 70000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo
iPhone 7 256 GB Silver 80000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo
Gold 80000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo
Rose Gold 80000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo
Black 80000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo
Jet Black 80000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo
iPhone 7 Plus 32 GB Silver 72000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo
Gold 72000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo
Rose Gold 72000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo
Black 72000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo
iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB Silver 82000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo
Gold 82000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo
Rose Gold 82000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo
Black 82000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo
Jet Black 82000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo
iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB Silver 92000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo
Gold 92000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo
Rose Gold 92000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo
Black 92000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo
Jet Black 92000  amazon-logo-iconflipkart-f-logo

Stay tuned for further updates and offers.

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