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New Apple iOS 10 update features, release, News and Review

iOS 10:

Apple, the conglomerate in producing iPhones, iPads, Apple watches and many more is the designer of this brand new iOS.

What does a hardware device like iPhone/iPad actually need to sustain in market?

  • A good looking external design
  • Extra-Ordinary features like high quality Camera, RAM etc

These are the things which will make a manufacturer like Apple to reach the pivot in their niche. But what will co-ordinate all these things. Here comes the core of iPhone, the iOS.

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iOS, the second most popular operating system which gives life to Apple Products like iPhone, iPad and iPad touch. Now, with the introduction of iPhone 7 into the market, there comes the latest build of iOS called iOS 10 (version:10.0.1).

Why iOS 10?

The skilled artist is required to bring out an extra-ordinary art. This is how Apple thinks and puts out their creative thought in the latest version of iOS.

Who can get iOS 10 update?


  • iPhone 5,5S,5C,SE
  • iPhone 6,6 Plus
  • iPhone 6s,6s Plus


  • iPad mini,mini 2, mini 3,mini 4
  • iPad 2,3,4 th generations
  • iPad Air, Air 2
  • iPad Pro 9.7 inch,12.9 inch


  • iPod touch 6th generation

You must feel lucky that you own anyone of the above devices, because you got a chance to experience the brand new iOS 10.

Before getting this new update, it is always advisable to back up your iPhone using iTunes.

The following are the main changes observed on all iPhones with iOS 10, starting from lock screen to most beautiful Siri.

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Refurbished iOS 10 lock screen:

The new iOS 10, shows its imprint even before you unlock it. The “Swipe to unlock” feature is no more in iOS 10. You need to press the home button to even get to pass code screen. When asked about this, the Apple people said that they introduced this feature to reduce the sensitivity of Home Button and mistimed unlocks.

The right swipe will take you to the well customized widgets area and now this interface looks much appealing. See how good it looks in iOS 10.


The left swipe will take you to the camera app. The minor change is that affects icon reached top and camera switch button came to bottom. It looks like this in iOS 10.

iOS 10 Camera

More controllable control center

The control center can be accessed by just an up swipe in. It comes with same UI as widgets page and has brand new feature like Air Play monitoring in iOS 10.

Air Play monitoring in iOS 10

When you take one more left swipe, you will land at Music Player in iOS 10. You can select the device on which you want to play the music. It can be iPhone/iPad/Apple TV/Apple Watch. The most interesting this is 200% sound increase, which works with only iPhone 7 and above.

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Swift 3D touch

iOS 10 3d Touch

Unlike the previous versions, this iOS 10 is faster than ever. When you organize in folders, it will take some time to pop-up the contents in the folder. But with iOS 10, it has become faster and you can actually feel it.

iOS 10 iMessage app

Never seen before Message app

The major upgrade in iOS 10 is must use iMessage app. We can send pictures directly using iMessage (Message App in iOS 10). We can send emojis, stickers etc when we download specific iMessage stickers app from iStore just by tapping on Appstore icon in iMessage.

iOS 10 feature of iMessage

The one last thing we can use is our own writing. To send messages like this, just turn the screen to wide mode and then you see special icon which enables you to write whatever you want and then click send. You will be very much excited while using this feature of iMessage.

ios 10 smartest camera and photos

Smartest Camera and Photos

The Camera App in iOS 10 is available just at your left swipe. You can notice the change in location of camera shift and effects icons.

photos app in iOS 10

The photos app UI is changed and it looks organized. You have one more feature called Memories. If you just start typing what kind of memory you want to look in, it will get suggestions and then the photos. You feel thrilled while using this feature.

When you reach albums option in photos app, you will be very much pleased by looking at the albums. You find albums like people, which is new to photos app in iOS 10. Let us not reveal the surprise behind it, just open albums like this and you will feel very thankful to iOS 10 developers.

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Rejuvenated Music App

Since the Music App is available near by control center with just a left swipe, it is easy to access in iOS 10. You can also choose your apple device on which you want to play using this screen. The music app is well-organized this time. It is also tagged with new UI.

Beautiful Siri

In iOS 10, they gave special importance to Siri. It is not hiding inside under any tab. Just open settings and you will be able to see updated “Siri”. The functionality of Siri is improved and now there is no need to speak like a robot. It became very understandable (close to human).

Overall, these are the major updates in this iOS. Hope you enjoyed reading the article. Subscribe to this blog for latest updates.

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