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iphone 5se : 4 fabulous things to know about this 4 inch iphone

iPhone 5se:

iphone 5SE

This is the most awaited iPhone which is set to release likely in fall 2016 complementing both iPhone 5S and iPhone 6S models. Apple provides iPhone upgrades most frequently. But this it is not about the upgrade, it is about incorporating brand new features of 6S into its previous model (iPhone 5S). iPhone 5SE is so “Special” and “Enhanced” iPhone model. Here are the few things which they are inducing into 5S and making it 5SE.

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1. Processor:

This is the one thing which makes iPhone different from other smartphones available in the market. Since iPhone 5 series uses A7 processor which is 25% faster than A6, it produces necessity to invent upgraded processor for iPhone 6 series. The upgraded A8 processor is used in 6 series and A9 in 6s series.

If it continues like this, iPhone will likely introduce A10 processor in its next series(iPhone 7). It does not want its 5 series users to fall 2 generations behind (regarding processor). So when trying to build up a hybrid product like iPhone 5SE, the upgraded and currently available A9 processor is used.

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2. Capacity: 

iPhone 5SE is expected to release two capacity variants, starting with 16GB (doubling the basic 8GB) and ending with 64GB capacity i.e., the higher capacity of 5S is said to be doubled from 32GB to 64 GB. There will be no 128GB version as available in 6s.

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It comes with 8MP camera and color as in 6s. The edges will be curved as in 6s and features like Live Photos and Apple Pay are made available in this 5SE.

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4.Upgraded Siri:

The more powerful processor enables good integration with Siri and Siri will be “Always on” and ready to respond to the command “Hey, Siri”

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This power packed upgrade is likely to be launched in March and followed by launch of 7 series in September. The cool features of iPhone 5SE will line it top among the iPhone releases and 5S users will be very eager to upgrade to 5SE after its launch.

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