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New iPhone 8 Features, Leaks, Release Date, Wireless Charging & Concept

It is less than a year for the launch of the iPhone 8, and the internet is flooded with leaks, rumours and news related to it. Here is everything that you need to know about the yet to be launched iPhone 8. You check out new iPhone 8

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iPhone 8 rumours:

There are enormous reports flooding over the internet and going viral on social media about iPhone 8 leaks, variants and expectations.

Most of them have quoted that iPhone 8 will be released in three different variants. Some reports deny this fact and makes a statement that iPhone 8 will be released with a curved OLED screen.

iPhone 8 official notes:

It is still a long way for the launch of the iPhone 8 but speculations can be made whenever and wherever. In fact it has already been suggested that the iPhone’s components such as the A11 chip, an OLED display have already been finalized.

It is clearly signified that 2017’s iPhone will bring along some significant changes. Industry specialists have already given reliable clues about the all the iPhone. Probably the most useful piece of news is that the phone may feature a new ‘all-glass design.’

Recently an analyst speculated that the new phone will finally add wireless charging to its many features. If this happens, then this will be the first time Apple phones will charge wirelessly. However, we do not need any analysts to get a rough idea as to what the phone will look like.

The smartphone world has always followed a rat race thus competing with one another. This means that we are legitimately confident about what can be expected from Apple next year.

[Achievement] Getting help from rivals:

Targeting the rivals is the biggest trend in cutting edge technology. But going hand in hand with the rivals is the best thing any manufacturer as to learn from Apple. Apple has signed a deal with Samsung to manufacture OLED displays for the devices set to make their debut next year (2017).

Samsung will be the sole supplier of OLED displays for the year 2017. Wherein companies like AU Optronics, Japan Display, and Sharp will fuel in their supply in 2018.

[Secret] iPhone 8 – Limited Production :

Rumours have also suggested that the production of OLED display could be constrained as a result of yield issues thereby affecting the availability of supply at the time of the launch and it could further impact Apple’s decision to use OLED panels.

Rumor has it that Apple could have invested in AMOLED supplier AU Optronics and it has a secret lab in Taiwan where all the advanced display options like OLED and Micro-LED have been explored.

Apple’s suppliers have also fastened their belts to manufacture OLED displays, invest in new equipment and technology.

OLED vs LCD in iPhone 8:

OLED displays eliminate the need for backlighting use in traditional LCDs thereby allowing Apple to cut down on the bulkiness and weight of the device. OLED displays are flexible too perhaps allowing Apple to produce

iPhone 8 OLED expectations:

There are multiple speculations regarding the size and type of the panels that Apple will make use of. The brand is testing more than 10 iPhone prototypes.

OLED displays are already being used in the Apple watch. So these OLED displays allow Apple to produce a device that is sleeker and has an arched display.

Cons of using OLED in iPhone 8:

On the downside, OLED displays do not have a similar lifespan as that of an LCD display and are more open to water damage.

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