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Whatsapp for PC – MAC and Windows

whatsapp for pc - all tech mashup


The official native PC app release from whatsapp is going viral. The best messenger being used by almost each and every smart phone user across the globe. They come up and grew large with a motto of not selling any advertisements unlike Yahoo! This application is launched on various mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry. It has grown and reached monopoly grade among the messengers.

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Since it is highly secured messenger, it provides enough privacy for its users and that also make huge number of active users. Till now it is available only on smart phones and a year ago whatsapp web was introduced. This makes use of browsers like google chrome, Firefox etc. It works on scanning the QR code from your smart phone. When its done, you can use this app on browser until the session expires.

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When the session expires or internet disconnects, it again asks to scan QR code. Since this is a bit irritating to the users, so now whatsapp launched its application on Windows and OS X (and higher).

Click Here to download.

For Windows – Click Here

For MAC OS X – Click Here

The above links are for direct download. Download your recommended software and install it. The home screen looks like this

whatsapp for pc - all tech mashup

It has a QR code, which is to be scanned by your mobile. This QR code changes for every 20 seconds. If you are inactive, then it pops “Click to reload” screen, if you did not start the session. That looks like this

whatsapp for pc - all tech mashup

On this home screen, it shows the various platforms of smart phones. See whether your OS is there on not. If you find your smart phone OS there, just see the instructions. It provides instructions to all the users how to scan the QR code. For example if you are using BlackBerry 10 OS and you want to use this app, Open Whatsapp – Swipe down from top of the screen – Whatsapp Web. It looks like this..

whatsapp for pc - all tech mashup

Since this is just the basic version, it works just like a tab of your browser where you are using whatsapp web. But the functionality of this app is not like whatsapp web.

Once you scan your QR code, you will be logged into whatsapp on PC. After you log in on your pc, you still have to connect to internet on your phone. You might think that this is the worst feature and what will be the use of this whatsapp PC app. Hang on!! The reason why you need to stay connected on mobile and logout feature is the SECURITY.

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Yes!! Whatsapp is known not only for its “We don’t sell ads” motto, but also for its high security and user-friendly interface. Many people feel comfortable using laptop or desktop rather than mobile. For them this application is like a wow thing. They can now chat with their friends from PC app.

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After launching this PC app, you can use whatsapp wherever you want. But remember one thing

Always stay connected on your mobile.

These are the pros and cons of newly launched Whatsapp PC app. They will definitely release an upgrade for that soon. Awaiting more features for Whatsapp on PC.

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