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9 ways to use android apps on PC

There are several ways to use android on PC, starting from AMIDuOS to Youwave. Here are the nine windows platforms (android emulator) for running android on PC are listed below. They are
2. Andy
3. Bluestacks
4. Droid 4x
5. Genymotion
6. Official Android Emulator
7. Windroy
8. Xamarin
9. Youwave


            This is developed by American mega trends. You can run android apps on PC with windows 7/8/10. Just download, install and run it. It is available in Lollipop (Version 2.0) & Jellybean (Version 1.1) for free trail of 30 days and then you need to purchase for USD $15 and $10 respectively.
            It comes with built-in Amazon Appstore and it has native AMIDuOS package installer. It uses windows OpenGL drivers for better graphics support and for good gaming experience. It can be extended for windows tablets also including gesture and multi-touch support.
Follow the link to visit the website:


            It is the nick name for Andyroid. It runs android on PC. It can be used in windows as well as Macintosh. It ensures that Android OS is up to date. It comes for free as well as paid. The paid customers will be provided developers support. It has good ARM support and OpenGL Hardware support which resembles the experience of using mobile. As it is installed on PC there is less chances of running out of memory even though you install more number of apps. Its app compatibility is 89% and game compatibility is 79%.
Follow the link to visit the website:


            If you want to download the #1 Android Emulator for PC, bluestacks android emulator is the choice made by most of the people. It the most used application by both Windows and Macintosh users for running Android apps on PC. Recently they introduced Bluestacks 2, with motto Play bigger, Play more on reaching 109 million users. Whatsapp, Skype, Netflix are the top apps used by bluestacks users.
             Its app compatibility is 96% and game compatibility is 86%. You can play android games on PC with ease with the help of Bluestacks. It is a free source unless and until you accept to install sponsored apps. If you do not want to install unnecessary apps, you need to pay USD $2.
Follow the link to visit the website:


            It is the latest of all the Android Emulator for PC. It is developed by Haiyu Dongxiang Co Ltd which was established in 2013. Droid simulator is currently available for Windows users. It will launch it for iOS very soon. It also comes with all compatibilities like other simulators and the controller will make it stand apart from other emulators. While playing games you can scan the QR code and play android games on PC with controllers in your gadget (mobile). Looking great!
Follow the link to visit the website:


            Every product tries to catch the eye of customer in different ways. As a part of gaining more users, genymotion introduced the preview of Marshmallow. It is somewhat successful. It gained over 4 million users. For independent developers and business purposes it charges, but for personal use you can get it for free. It has some diversified features like SMS emulation, call interruption etc. It is compatible with all Android SDK tools.
Follow the link to visit the website:

Official Android Emulator

            It is the official android emulator for PC, which is used by most of the android developers to test their apps. It reflects the android OS in PC without physically using mobile. You can choose your desired version from AVDs. You need to go through a huge procedure to initialize your Emulator. Hence most of the people (except developers) do not use this even though it is official.
Follow the link to visit the website:


            It provides version 4.4.2. This extremely supports to play android games on PC, hence this will be the best choice for gamers. It is purely based on virtualization technology. Windroy, is the mobile software will help you play android games on PC using your mobile. It is also the latest emulator available in the market from the past 2 years.
Follow the link to visit the website:


            It is a conglomerate. It has its impression in various fields like Xamarin studio, visual studio, test cloud etc. One of its products is xamarin android emulator for PC. It is a hassle-free environment for both developers as well as users. It requires minimum 2GB RAM. It supports OpenGL 2.0. It is also a free source. You can download it for either 32-bit system or 64-bit system.
Follow the link to visit the website:


            It comes with new features like Dynamic rotating, Volume control button. Android 5.1 (Lollipop) and multiple screen sizes for premium users. You can use your paypal account to purchase. Free users will get Android 4.0.4 version and it is supported by ads. You can back up and restore your 18 digit Android ID using echo command. This android emulator for PC do not make much difference using PC or mobile.
Follow the link to visit the website:
That’s all folks. Feel free to post your queries. Stay tuned for further Updates…

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