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Latest Update after Bluestacks 2: Salient Features

Bluestacks Update:

It is a free Windows App which let you run Android on PC at free of cost. After reaching more than 109 million users, it launced its new update called Bluestacks 2. It is launched few days ago. The first Bluestacks update is released on December 11th. If you have already installed it before December 11th (I did it on 10 days ago), even though you check for updates, you will be shown that you are up to date. But, actually you are not!!
Go to the official website and then you will see “December 11 th Bluestacks Update”. Try to download it once again. If you quit doing this you will definitely miss outstanding features of this bluestacks update. When you install this update directly, it installs normally and quickly. If you are already using any version of Bluestacks, first try to uninstall it and then install this latest bluestacks update for minimizing software conflicts. Else you might end up with some installation errors. Let us quickly go through the highlights of this bluestacks update (Bluestacks


            One of the biggest setbacks of former Bluestacks is that you cannot drag down and see notifications as you regularly do in your mobile. This fault may hurt many (including myself). Many users did not feel it like an android smart phone without this feature. The good news is that this latest update brings charm on their faces. Yeah, now in this bluestacks update you can feel it like your android!!


            Earlier there are only two screen sizes. One is the default screen size and the other is full screen mode. Now this bluestacks update can have various sizes apart from default and full screen. Re-sizing becomes really easy. Just hold and drag from the bottom right corner, now the size of your screen is in your hands and you can really play with it. This feels like you are using Windows App.


            If you are an angry bird player or Clash of Clan player, you need not to struggle from now. This bluestacks update has brand new feature of Zoom-in and Zoom-out. Now you can feel the real gaming experience.


            Black hole patches in games like subway surfers, temple run and many more apps are fixed in this bluesatcks update.
With this updated version and enhanced features, bluestacks again protrudes out among its competitors. Download Bluestacks update today and enjoy using Android on PC.

Feel free to post queries and Stay Tuned for further Updates…

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