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How to make cortana use google chrome as default search provider

Cortana – No more Bing Results

Cortana search's from google

Cortana-your truely personal assistant. If you want to use your personal assistant effectively, this article is for you. If you are well accustomed to google search engine and you do not want to see bing results when you use cortana, this simple trick is for you. Try to take advantage of this.

In general most of the people in the world will arrive at google search engine if they come across any problem. Then why can’t you take help of this personal assistant in doing it. Yes, you heard it right ! No more frustrating bing results. Let us see how to achieve highly optimized search engine results.

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This great feature is provided by Chrometana РRedirect Bing Somewhere.. , offered by theo. Just click on the link and you will be taken to the extension page in chrome. Just add it to the chrome. The extension will open a web page. There you will get a chance to use three major search engines like Google, duckduckgo and Yahoo. Click on your required choice. You are reading this post, it means you are interested in Google Search Engine. Click on the Logo. Your Cortana search settings will be changed and saved. Now post your queries to Cortana, it will be ready to display the results in  Google Chrome. Check it now!! Continue further..

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Latest Updates:

Recently Cortana is launched into iStore and Android AppStore. In Android it is still having some bugs and it is under testing process. So in few days you can have your personal assistant where ever you go. Thanks to Microsoft for making our life simple.

Note : If you do not want to use cortana, you can disable this windows feature by navigating to “cortana & search settings” using windows search and then just turn it off. You can enable it when ever you need your assistant.

That’s all folks. Feel free to post your queries and Stay Tuned…

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