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5 must-know google chrome tips and tricks

Google Chrome :

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Google chrome is the most widely used browser. It is so much popular because of its interface, extensions and some other cool features. Most of all it is Google’s product. Here are some of the tips and tricks which makes your life easier while using Google Chrome.

More Bookmarks in Less space:

If you are good at surfing and you have habit of bookmarking every now and then, you must be aware of this special feature in Google Chrome. For bookmarking you can use star button on right side of address bar or if you are a good keyboard user press “ctrl + d”. Whenever you try to bookmark a page, remove everything in “Name” field. Then press Enter or else click on Done. You can observe the bookmark saved with logo of corresponding website.

More bookmarks in less space

If you are the who work with multiple tabs open in google chrome which are pretty useful, then bookmark all those pages with a single click. Better use keyboard. Press “ctrl + shift +d”. This will bookmark all open pages.

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Double click on word for definition:

If you are a bit poor in English or if you are reading top class journals like WSJ(Wall Street Journal), NYT (New York Times) etc., you may come across some unknown words. It is very difficult to look into dictionary every time. So this trick is for you. Go to extensions and add install Google Dictionary (by Google). After installing it you can set your preferences. Now if you double click on a word, the word gets selected and its meaning will be displayed by Google. Cool!! Isn’t??

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Double click on word for its definition


Task Manager:

Yes, task manager. You have seen it correct. These is task manager for google chrome. Press “shift+esc”. You will get a pop up showing the tabs and extensions in use. If you want come across any malware extension, you can observe its performance by clicking on “stats for nerds” in that pop-up. This is awesome trick to observe google chrome malfunctions.

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task manager for google chrome

Media Player:

Yeah, Google Chrome acts a media player with limited controls like pause, resume, full screen, navigation. This helps in many situations. If you have no media player installed, this feature in google chrome works like a gem. Don’t believe!! Have a hands on experience and you will be surprised. Google chrome comes with minimum codecs, so functionality will be minimum.

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Permissions & Connection:

If you open the website, google chrome sends request to server and server responds by providing the required info. This is a complete technical stuff. Just click on little icon to the extreme left of website address. You can get cookies information from that permissions tab and when you navigate to connection tab, you can  see certificates and such stuff.

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That’s all folks. Feel free to comment. Stay tuned for further updates…

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