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How to manage hard disk partitions with out using any software

Hard drive partition :

hard disk partition manager

      Hard drive partition is the basic thing to perform when ever we purchase a laptop or PC with pre-installed OS. It generally contains only one partition. in most of the case it will be Local Disk(C:) . Let us follow some simple steps to manage the given hard drive partition.

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     Search for either “disk management” or “create and format hard disk partition”. The shortcut for disk management is to select disk management after pressing Windows+X. This will load all the drives and hard disk partition. Here you can see the distribution of HDD (Hard Disk Drive) space.

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You can perform these major operations on given NTFS partitions.

  1. Open
  2. Explore
  3. Change drive letters and paths
  4. Shrink Volume
  5. Extend Volume
  6. Delete Volume

     If your laptop or PC is with single hard drive partition, just right click on NTFS partition and then select shrink volume. You can not shrink its volume beyond the specified value.

      Just enter the hard drive volume (in MB) you want to shrink. You will get unallocated space. Right click on it and create a new simple partition providing drive letter and all. This process will create a new simple hard drive partition. You can change hard drive partition letter and path later, if you wish to.

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      If you want to create some more partitions, you can continue this process further. If you want to extend the volume of a hard drive partition, delete the partition next to it. This will erase the data present in that hard disk partition. If you wish to do this, please have a backup for the deleting hard disk partition by copying it to any other partition or to an external hard disk.

         Then just extend the previous drive to occupy this formatted space. These things will generally happen if you do not have clear idea while you are doing hard disk partition for the first time or else if you are running out of space for C drive and when you need to extend it.

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     This entire process works well with out using any third party software like wise partition manager. I personally recommend you to follow this procedure for hard drive partition instead of softwares. Because I had very painful experience with third party softwares. My OS crashed on the first day itself and from then I am using pirated OS.

That’s all folks. Feel free to post your queries and Stay Tuned…

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