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MAC Spoofing : How to change MAC address of a PC

MAC Address:

MAC address is the 12 digit address which is given to Network Adapter. It is treated as unique identifier of a PC. But here is one way to change MAC address of Ethernet in a PC. First of all you need to know the MAC address of Ethernet you want to change (For example: You want to mimic the MAC address of your friend’s PC). You can know this in two ways. You can use either command line interface or GUI to get this address.
For those who prefer command line interface, open command prompt (Windows+R –> Type cmd –> Press Enter) by searching “cmd” in your windows PC and open it. Type “ipconfig/all” without quotes and hit Enter. You will be displayed about all the stuff regarding network interface which include LAN, wLAN, Tunnel Adapter etc. All white spaces in these pictures represent that it is a confidential data.
Spot the Ethernet adapter Ethernet column and note down the Physical Address without dashes. This is all you have to do in source PC (your friend’s PC).
If you would like to use GUI to do this, navigate to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections and then right click on Ethernet and select properties. In Networking tab, just roll your mouse pointer on to the Ethernet controller, the current MAC address will be displayed. Note it down. The unwanted strokes in picture represent that the data is confidential.

Screenshot (40)

Open device manager in your PC using search or use shortcut Windows+X and then select device manager from list (or press M after the list is displayed). Choose Network Adapters and select your Ethernet device and manage it manage it by clicking on properties. You will be taken to a pop up window displaying the device properties. Go to Advanced tab and select Network Address. By default it has no value. Assign the noted address (without dashes) of your friend’s MAC address to it and hit Enter.
You are done!! You have changed the MAC address of your PC and you became mac address changer.
Note: The device manager refreshes twice to confirm the new address. You can do any online stuff, but your friend will be notified. If you want to remove that address, check no value after selecting Network Address.
This will be very useful when your Internet Service Provider (ISP) binds yours login ID and password with the older PC . When you got the new PC, you no longer need to wait for the ISP to resolve the problem. You can do it on your own. Cheers!!
Feel feel to post any queries and Stay tuned for further updates…

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