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MAC OS Sierra Review, Download, Upgrade, Update In India Released Today

MAC OS Sierra:

MAC OS Sierra is the latest MAC OS released from Apple for MACs. A lot of interesting features like Siri for MAC, Amazing Photos App, seamless connection between various Apple devices and many more for you on MAC. Apple makes it look similar to the powerful iOS 10. Let us look into the amazing features of Sierra.


Unleash the power of “Siri”:

Siri can do a lot of things for you and even like you. You might have experienced incredible features of Siri on iPhone till now. But on MAC OS Sierra, Siri is most incredible and can do almost everything you do sitting on your MAC. Siri will lessen your work to some extent.

Let us see an example, where you are working on a document and your client is mocking to complete it. Now with Siri, you can continue with your work and your personal assistant will send your client that the document is on its way. Is it not amazing? Yes, it is.

Siri can go beyond listening to your voice. It can go and search for a file on your command. You can ask Siri to show the files you worked on this week. It will show like this.


Now you can filter the results of Siri by asking just the files sent by Marc, like this.


Siri can bring up a lot of results based on your question. It is you, who has to set up where you want to see those results. You can ask Siri when the Orioles play the Tigers this week and it will display the results like this.


You can click on add button on the right side of the sports tab and Siri will add it to notifications center.


Siri can search anything for you, so it will also perform the same thing when you ask for images also.


But now you can just drag and drop them wherever you want. Even you can search for a location and drop it into chat window to make your friends join the party. Wow, that looks cool.


With Siri, You can ask for anything you want. Here are the few examples, how should you ask Siri for accurate results.



All In One Clipboard:

It looks a bit weird but it feels immense when you use it for the first time. Just copy on any Apple device, you can be able to paste it on any other Apple device of your own. Copy it on iPhone and paste it on MAC. Rock Solid Integration established.

Unlock with “Apple” Watch:

With Apple Watch, you need not to unlock your MAC by typing password. Wear Apple Watch when you are working on the laptop and it will unlock it for you. Even during phone calls when you are away from MAC it locks itself and with the arrival of Apple Watch with you, it unlocks before you try to do it.


Accessible EveryWhere:

The Desktop and documents folder where you frequently save your files are automatically backed up to iCloud and you can access them on any of your Apple Devices as well as on other MAC.


Mac OS Sierra Optimised Storage:

Say No to Storage Space maxed out pop-up. Whenever MAC is low on memory, MAC OS Sierra finds the space by automatically storing rarely used files on to iCloud. MAC OS Sierra will also help you to find and remove old files which are no longer in use. The files which you have used recently will stay on MAC and the space will be always available for new ones.

Mac OS Sierra Photos App:

With the upgraded Photos App, you can completely redefine the way you look at the photos. As in the latest iOS 10 update, this MAC OS Sierra update also contains Memories in the Photos App. You have taken photos long back and you have never looked at them.

  1. Memories: Sierra brings the memories into the photos app as well as into your life. You will feel thrilled while using this update photos app on Sierra.mac-os-sierra-photos-memories
  2. Intelligent search: Intelligent search will segregate the images based on the backgrounds, special items etc. So do not miss a single moment during sun rise, sun set or with birthday cake. This photos app will help you in recollecting your favorite moments.mac-os-sierra-photos-intelligent-search
  3. Places Album: Take your photos across world map. Zoom out will highlight all the places where you have taken those shots and zoom I will help you to see what you have clicked at those places.mac-os-sierra-photos-places-album
  4. People Album: Photos app will categorize the photos based on the people involved while taking the shots. You can see all the people who are included in your photos and also you can sort them and see only your favorites.


Mac OS Sierra Messages:

Messages app has made the conversation live. You can now respond with huge emojis, can play the videos or preview links on conversation itself.


Mac OS Sierra iTunes:

Live the music with the latest iTunes, which looks much similar to Music App in iPhone and iPad. A well-organized music app is now available on MAC OS Sierra. The new Browse section will help you listen to the best of what’s available on Apple Music.


These all are the features that looks astonishing on brand new MAC OS Sierra. When you upgrade your current MAC OS to Sierra, you will get all these features along with security updates which makes using MAC more efficient and effective.

How to upgrade to MAC OS Sierra?

  1. Make your hardware compatible: MACs introduced in late 2009 or later are eligible for free upgrade. Check whether your MAC is listed in eligible in the following products or not.
  • MacBook (Late 2009 or later)
  • MacBook Pro (Mid 2010 or later)
  • MacBook Air (Late 2010 or later)
  • Mac Mini (Mid 2010 or later)
  • iMac (Late 2009 or later)
  • Mac Pro (Mid 2010 or later)
  1. Ready to Upgrade: Make sure that you have backed up your data before you want to upgrade it to Sierra. Have a note of your Apple ID and Password and keep it safe.
  2. Upgrade: If your MAC is running on OS X Lion 10.7.5 and above, you can upgrade directly to MAC OS Sierra. Just visit the MAC OS Sierra Page and then follow the step by step instructions to get Sierra on your MAC.

Stay updated with MAC as well as All Tech Mashup for trending updates on technology.

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