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How to Earn Money from free WordPress Blog Step by Step

You may have come across advertisements and popup saying how you can earn money online.

There are millions of ways out of which you can make some quick profit, one of which is a WordPress Blog.

Below are some of the ways which are tested thoroughly, which makes you can earn decent income by blogging on WordPress.

WordPress Create and Sell Plugins

Do you know about plugins?

If you are familiar with WordPress, you might have come across one fact that you cannot use your blog without making use of at least one plugin.

Many people use extra plugins to add extra features to their WordPress blog. Thousands of plugins can be found on WordPress out of which a few are absolutely free and rest are the premium ones.

Which plugins are preferred by you? (use comments section)

Are you ever thought of creating a plugin?

If you have some creative idea which wordpress users need in day to day blogging. That’s it. Start working on it.

People would be definitely interested in buying your plugin, if you have developed such a good plugin. Then you can make a very decent income out of it.

How to create a WordPress plugin?


Consider the existing plugins that are already making money and analyse how you can create similar ones to provide better service.

Focus on a specific need. The commenting link back plugin is one of the best examples in this category.

A free version is used by more than 750K bloggers across the globe. This plugin makes your blog a spam free commenting zone.

The plugin developer monetized their creation by releasing a premium version with many other advanced features. You can sell your plugging through your own blog or through a separate site.

WordPress Affiliate Marketing

WordPress also allows you to use Affiliate links for reputed stores and legit stores.

Beware!! Google do not entertain illegal things

Users cannot link to sources like Multi level marketing, gambling sites, pornography, get rich schemes and any other sites which cannot be called legal.

How to embed affiliate links?

Two beautiful ways are presented here!!

  1. Affiliate links can be used within your article by using hyperlinks
  2. An image with an affiliate link is also permissible.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn big in a short span of time.

WordPress Sponsored Posts & Paid Post :

This is yet another method that can be used to earn money with your WordPress blog. It works best if you have advertisers who would pay you for sponsored story writing.

What do you need to reach this stage?

You need to have an established blog with decent traffic. Then people will approach you for sponsored posts.

You need to get in touch with advertisers who are willing to sponsor for a blog post. For this you must have contact us section on your page.

WordPress Ads Monetisation

Fed up with Google Adsense restrictions?

Here is the best Adsense alternative to display ads. Apply for WordAds to show advertisements on your blog.

Note: Text link ads work better than image ads.

Use affiliate marketing wisely to earn passive income from your WordPress blog. To increase your earnings focus on driving targeted traffic to your blog. Sponsored posts are also a great resource of earning money through your blog. Get acquainted about advertising and sponsored articles to dig into the enormous profits that can be made through your WordPress blog.

By trying some of these tricks you are surely going to make a huge and passive income out of your WordPress Blog. Hope you make huge advantage of this post.

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